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TheFreeTrick.in Website Disclaimer:

TheFreeTrick.in website does not host materials, copyright, and related rights for which (including the right to distribution) belong to other persons or entities. If material has been posted on the site for which the right holder believes they have a valid claim, they are encouraged to appeal to TheFreeTrick.in administration to resolve the issue promptly.

To address copyright concerns, there are several options available for resolution:

  1. Replace Links with Copyrighted Material:
    • The existing application links can be replaced with links provided by the copyright holder. This replacement link must either lead to a stripped-down copy of the complete application or a complete application with the presence of advertising.
  2. Link to Official Stores:
    • Links to the application can be replaced with references to official stores such as Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, or the official website of the application.
  3. Deletion of References:
    • If the copyright holder wishes, all references to the site can be deleted. To initiate this process, the right holder must confirm their rights to the application/product hosted on the site.

If you believe there is infringing content that needs to be removed, please contact us promptly for resolution. Provide details of the post published on our website, including the name and link.

Contact Information:

  • Email: thefreetrick.in@gmail.com

Thank you for your cooperation in addressing copyright concerns and maintaining the integrity of intellectual property rights.


TheFreeTrick.in Administration

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